In-House or On-Site

Our team uses quality components for all repairs; it is a part of our reputation. Our fitters can conduct repairs in our workshop or on-site.


When a pump is sent to us for repair, it is booked in and given a job number. It is then scheduled for inspection by one of our highly-trained service personnel.


At the inspection stage, the service fitter responsible for the pump is able to ascertain if it is appropriate to be repaired. If it is beyond repair, the customer is advised and a replacement pump is offered.


Once approval has been received from the customer, the pump is repaired and the customer is notified. We test the pumps we repair to ensure that they are in proper working order when it is returned to the customer.

Only Specially Qualified Tradesmen will be Repairing Your Pumps.


Mechlion periodically offers technical training courses for the staff of its own network and customers, in addition to organising high-level seminars led by qualified instructors, aimed at examining specific issues and proposing innovative solutions for high efficiency pumping.

With the experience gained in integrated water cycle management, Mechlion offers its knowledge to enable optimal management of the product and its main applications. The availability of equipment and demonstration areas dedicated to the simulation of working conditions allow participants to achieve a high degree of competence, through practical exercises regarding selection, operation, maintenance and repair of the pumps.

The courses are scheduled based on demand to achieve a sufficient number of participants, in order to optimise time and resources, and are held at the Mechlion service Centre, dedicated to training and equipped with the most educational tools.