We are an innovative Mechlion Pumps company that manufactures top-quality water pumps world-wide in different versions. Our very wide range of pumps can be used in many aspects of daily life.

We operate all over india with our network of dealers and distributors. Always focussed on the market, we offer our clients the latest innovations in pumps. The Mechlion Pumps Company AG is structured in such a way that allows individual attention of the client, whilst adapting to changes on the fast-moving market.

About Us

Mechlion pumps was conceived as a brand and as a company by the experienced duo of Mr. Alok Gupta and Mr. Deepak Kumar. Mr.Alok, a veteran in the pumping industry for more than 26 years has been instrumental in mentoring the Mechlion brand with all his expertise and experience.

On the other hand, Mr. Deepak Kumar has an experience of more than 15 years with expertise in High tech pumping systems and solutions c,oupled with expertise in electronics and automation for pumping systems.

Henceforth bringing to you an amalgamation of technical knowledge with hands on experience, packed with thorough professionalism. Mechlion pumps aims to develop a pan-India network delivering top notch products which are complimented with unbeatable technology, strategic pricing and environment friendly.

Vision & Mission

We at MECHLION aspire to be a company with impeccable reputation of offering highest quality products with latest technology at affordable prices, backed with unmatchable after sales service to our customers. Mechlion should be a go to company for the customers looking for the finest of pumping solution at most affordable rates.

We wish to grow into a reliable and trustworthy company for our customers and associate partners, spanning our presence all over India.

We aspire to bring to you the latest technology round the globe at affordable prices. We aim to establish ourselves as the most preferred brand for our customers and associate partners.

Every product which we offer to the customer will be of

  • Highest quality as per global norms
  • Latest technology product available in the market globally
  • Environmentally sustainable

In short, our product should be a delight to our customers and our partners.

Our Partner

Established in 1981, they are one of the largest major international manufacturer of high quality submersible pumps which is supplied all over the world. They are the biggest OEM suppliers of pumps.

They became a leading pump manufacturer in the Taiwan market, their pumps were introduced to the international market with the collaboration of an overseas pump manufacturer. They now supply to more than 118 countries under their respective brands, specially Europe. ​ They supply to Most of the world’s biggest pump companies under their brand. Most of Their customers, including some of the best known international pump manufacturers, sell their pumps under their own brand names.

They have seven factories in Taiwan with all latest production practices including automation capable of supplying world class pumps for world’s best companies.

Quality & Controls

State of the art, Hi-Tech test equipments from domestic and international manufacturers have been purchased and are used to assure that all parts, as well as the finished pumps, meet specifications.

Individual operators are provided with appropriate gauges, tooling and instructions that enable them to assure the quality of their workmanship.

To further guaranty our quality, a formal quality assurance program under the Supervision pf our Quality Control Department was established years ago. This enables us to meet ISO 9001 quality standards.

All of this is supported by a continual training and retraining program for all of our production staff.


They have production space which now encompasses about 86,000 square meters housed in Six factory buildings, two of which were inaugurated within the past three years.

95% of all pats used to produce the pumps are manufactured in-house. This also allows us to implement design changes very quickly

It now has full control over nearly all production functions from mould design , mould production , stamping, welding, cutting, grinding, polishing, injection moulding, assembly, testing and packing.