The CSB - (H) series is an All-in-One self-priming silent booster pump for boosting both Hot and cold water. The compact design combined pressure tank, pressure switch, flow switch and full protection controller, moreover, the evolutionary flow channel and peripheral impeller design provide highly performance, by using this booster pump there is no more pump frequently ON/OFF, unstable water pressure and noise problems.

The MECHLION™ Water Pressure Booster set was built with one simple goal in mind-to be the Most Unique, compact, Silent and reliable Residential Booster sets in the market for residential, light commercial and irrigation use.


Our booster sets are the most uniquely designed system available in the market. With its All-in-one design which integrates patented intelligent pump controller along with Pump, Pressure switch, flow switch and pressure tank. All you need is to just plug and start using it.

A single-speed, totally enclosed fan-cooled motor drives the MECHLION™ booster pump with single phase power. It tells you Its working status by illuminating dual LED signal. The indication readouts are simple and easy to understand. LED light signals to indicate 4 different operating statuses.

  • Red light: Stand by
  • Green light: Pump on
  • Red flash: Over heat
  • Green flash: No water


Silent: Our booster sets are with the evolutional flow channel and peripheral impeller design along with the intelligent controller provide the most silent operation in class, so no more noise issue from pump short cycling.

Intelligent: Our Patented intelligent pump controller Electronic Circuitry Continuously monitors system, making sure that you have good, reliable pressure when you want it.

Solid built & Efficient: Booster set is built solidly with Robust construction for higher reliability and Best-in-class. Unique design offers higher efficiency for lower electricity bill.

Reliable:Electronic components are completely separated from piping and water ways for added safety and ease of field repair. pressure. Each component of the system is specifically designed to work together as one harmonious unit.

Anti-block system: To prevent mechanical seal or impeller stick together, If the pump remains idle for 24 consecutive hours, the device will carry out a start-up of the pump motor for about 5 seconds.

Max. 8 metre suction lift: The pump will lift water to Max. 8 metre self-priming suction lift. Since it is self-priming it doesn't require any additional foot valve

Dry-run protection: Controller wrote in dry-run protecting function to prevent pump or pipe damage (dry run without water over 2 min), the pump will automatically rest for 15 min & restart again, if above cycling happen accumulate 10 times, the rest time will become 90 min & restart afterward.

Double thermal protection for motor:

  • Pump-disconnect at 55°C, & connect at 40°C
  • Motor-disconnect at 135 ±5°C, & connect at 86 ±15°C

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